As we build a more inclusive world, it is imperative that we remember that the traditional view of menopause and who it impacts needs to change as well. Download our most recent white paper to learn more!

Let’s work together

To Create Solutions That Will:

  • Provide practical and effective strategies for women to help improve symptoms such as lack of energy and focus, sleep deprivation and hot flushes, leading to a positive impact on mood, the ability to think clearer and achieve much more during the working day.

  • Ensure your leaders are familiar with midlife changes in women and help facilitate reasonable adjustments to keep their team healthy, engaged and prevent the loss of valuable talents.

  • Foster an inclusive workplace environment where everyone feels valued, motivated and included.


We help our clients initiate education while encouraging a culture of understanding, respect, and inclusion.


    Menopause awareness should be part of DE&I to support retention of valued talents, improve corporate culture and advance brand reputation. We offer strategies and tools to promote a positive and equitable environment so that new (and existing) employees are able to understand your company’s commitment to women's wellbeing during menopause.


    We provide webinars and workshops to address the stigma around menopause, generate engagement and resolve immediate challenges so that all staff feel involved, valued and supported. We offer training for managers to ensure they are open to discussion about menopause and can responsibly support their team so everyone can continue to perform at their best.


    Helping high achieving women make the necessary lifestyle changes to take control of their health and achieve optimum physical, emotional and mental health. Our programs are cutting edge, bite-sized strategies designed to incorporate into busy professional's day to day lives. We offer the most efficient and effective tools to achieve Vitality, Inner Peace & Purpose.