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Wondering what it takes to maintain your health during menopause when there’s no clear handbook available?

You have spent years to hit your benchmarks. You have risen to the position of leadership.  This is the time that most probably you are entering the most productive and potentially most rewarding time of your life - while at the same time you are experiencing menopausal symptoms with no warnings…It is almost like like someone had high jacked your body and your brain. Symptoms like debilitating hot flashes in the middle of the meetings, and often at night that cause sleepless nights, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, weight gain, difficulty in concentrating, memory problems and so much more.

There’s an unspoken set of strategies about how to naturally move in flow with your hormonal changes, and stary vibrant, resilient and fit for decades to come.

Since your body and your metabolism is changing, you need to shift your lifestyle, even if you’ve been living a healthy lifestyle.  And you have probably experienced that no matter what you tried, that might have worked before, is no longer helping to reduce the extra weight, the constant fatigue, and feeling stressed about illnesses that are waiting to happen just around the corner.

So how DO you make the proper changes that are aligned with your busy lifestyle when you know that the most fulfilling, impactful part of your life awaits you?


I’m Dr. Afsoon Ghazvinian.

I'm a Certified functional medicine practitioner and a Executive Coach for leaders and executives who are ready to upgrade their health, so they can have the confidence in their ability to excel in their work and their legacy — after many years of sacrifice and hard work  - while they are thriving and flourishing and living in optimum health

Here’s the thing: If you want to take charge of your health, you’ve got to have access to the best practices in holistic care that can help revolutionize your health and keep you in the best shape of your life,

physically, mentally and emotionally. 

I help executives learn how to incorporate healthy rituals in their busy daily lives, build confidence in their abilities to heal and increase their resilience, and be a role model for the women who are reaching this stage of life.

Meet Dr. Afsoon

Get a step-by-step roadmap for upgrade your health in as little as 6 weeks.

Not only will you get complete clarity on HOW to adopt the best routines in your life,

but also WHAT support you need to get there.

It's time to start feeling energized by balancing your vital hormones, healing digestive issues, resolving joint and body pain, reducing hot flashes, and normalizing blood sugar imbalances & autoimmune conditions.
Designing a deliberate state of inner calm despite all the challenges and stressors around you.
Achieving happiness and contentment  through reconnection with self.
Using our strengths to serve others. Finding purpose brings about the amazing motivation that drives us toward a beautifully satisfying future. It helps living a meaningful life that is fueled with pleasure and joy.
Menopause as Leadership, A White Paper
In this white paper, "Why Organizations should make ‘menopause awareness’ part of equity and inclusion to support retention and advancement policies, improve corporate culture and advance brand reputation",
you'll discover:
  • The effects of menopause and midlife changes for women, and how devastatingly disruptive this transition can be on a women’s career and general well-being in life.
  • The effect on women’s productivity and its impact on corporates and economy, the real cost of losing skilled and experienced talents, skilled innovators, and most effective problem solvers.
  • Innovative solutions and tools, that can introduce a culture of understanding and support for everyone in the organizations.

Menopause as Leadership

A White Paper

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