6-Week Weight Loss Coaching Program for Menopause

March 28th - May 9th, 2021

Holistic Transformation of Mind, Body & Soul to Help You Stay fit and Healthy for Life. 

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A Short Sneak Peek of the Program


Meet Dr. Afsoon & Learn About her 3 Secrets to Weight Loss During & Post Menopause


Key Benefits of This Program:

Step-by-step guide to stop dieting and take a radical shift to burn fat and lose weight naturally. A new approach that is scientifically backed and is tested and tired to be a Powerful System to supercharge your metabolism, boost your brain and body fitness and a roadmap to stay healthy and fit for life.

List of What's Included in This Package:


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Tuning up your Mind & Body

Knowing what to eat is one piece of the puzzle. In this program, as you master eating for optimum health, you’ll be introduced to powerful mindset-improvement practices, plus step by step support to ensure your success

Removing Barriers to Success

You will be guided to live a lifestyle that supports your weight loss efforts by creating daily healthy habits and rituals. Proper planning and establishing strategies will ensure reaching your wellness goals smoothly and efficiently

A Ketogenic Lifestyle

We will start with a keto diet designed for menopause to burn fat, lower inflammation, balance your blood sugar and your mood, and to end cravings. Then, we will customize the plan to fit your unique lifestyle and preferences

Lose Weight, Optimize your Health and Boost Your Energy, Without Cravings or Feeling Deprived!

It is time for a NEW APPROACH to longevity & health, to slow down aging process, and to reduce risk of chronic diseases. This program can literally change the trajectory of your health for life!

This 6-Week Weight Loss for Menopause isn’t about starving your body, eating strange food combinations, or taking lots of supplements. You will not count calories, points or fat grams. You will focus on nourishing your mind, body & soul using key fundamentals of holistic self care to help you:

Ignite your energy, harmonize your hormones, heal your gut, detox your body, boost your brain power and increase confidence and productivity.  You will complete the program with a master plan that will serve you, and you can fall back on, FOR LIFE!

Would it Work for ME?

I know that you may have tried many different diets and programs before. We all have been there and experienced that! Mostly to find ourselves frustrated, feeling deprived, unhappy, and heavier in weight and in our hearts than when we started! 

I am here to share with you the weight loss formula that I have developed after many years of researching and trial and error. The 6-week weight loss formula is a powerful, scientifically backed program that had worked beautifully for me since I crossed menopause 5 years ago. It had worked for hundreds of women that I've coached as well, with amazing results.

Why not you? This program will allow you to stop dieting and take a radical shift to burn fat and lose weight naturally. You will enjoy a new approach to wellness and weight loss that will help you FINALLY overcome fatigue, hormonal imbalances, and excess weight so you can feel rejuvenated and full of life again.


 We are all going through this natural transition no matter what.

We can either give in to our fears and to social belief that everything is downhill from here, or we can take action, take charge and change the trajectory of our lives, to rejuvenate our bodies and to feel great. 

And, I cannot guarantee your specific results - So I can't promise your specific; I can only show you the way, give you the plan, be there to encourage you, literally hold your hand and guide you to the last step, and promise your 100% satisfaction with a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

So you be the judge - Test this new approach! Get your Health, Vitality and Energy Back - it's better than sitting and "waiting things out" or following random fads. Time will pass anyway and things will get worse not better. The time for action is NOW.


 Take Advantage of the Limited Time



Frequently Asked Questions

Most weight loss programs promote cutting calories, eating less and exercising more. When we cut our calorie intake, our body experiences dieting as a type of stress, and perceives it as time of starvation. So, our body intentionally slows down our metabolism, and it stops the weight loss. Diets aren’t sustainable since we experience hunger and a sense of deprivation.  In our approach, we don’t cut calories, but shift the calorie source from sugar and carbs to nutritious fats and proteins. There is no hunger, and our food menu is filling and satisfying.

When you are in our modified keto program, you have amazingly delicious and rich sources of natural fats such as avocados, nuts and seeds, coconut products, olive oil, unlimited amount of greens, etc that help eliminate your cravings. Also, we have a great selection of delicious treats that we can enjoy when we feel like a nutrition bar or dessert.

When you enroll in this program, you will have full access to "Cooking Keto for Menopause" course. This course is a step by step video demo from organizing your groceries to prepping, cooking and storing fast and easy meals. These are instructions that are easy to follow even if you don't have any cooking experience.

I always remind myself of the saying "If we don't spend time for our health today, we are forced to spend time for sickness tomorrow". We need to set aside some time every day for our health and well-being. However, with this program that is designed for our busy, lives, you will be provided with the most effective, tested and tried guidelines that are easy to follow and fit in your busy lifestyle.


We Stand Behind Our Program

 Money-Back Results Guarantee

That’s why I’m offering a FULL refund, to anyone who completes the program, follows the simple step-by-step instructions, reaches out for my support, but for some crazy reason does not see a measurable improvement in their health. There is No RISK. Either you get your health and happiness back – or you get your investment back. 

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