Wondering what it takes to maintain your health during menopause when there is no clear handbook available?

Lifestyle changes are critical to maintain wellbeing and to continue to flourish in your personal and professional life. Our innovative, holistic and science-based approach helps to improve and upgrade your performance and your quality of life. JOIN US. Because when women thrive and lead, everyone benefits and wins.

It is time to make your health the PRIORITY.

Our POWERFUL and DOABLE system helps upgrade your health and confidence!

Our Offerings:

  • Coaching/Training/ Consulting

    Educational online, pre-recorded for lifestyle modification resources to ensure we actively educate and support you in your journey to menopause, improving wellbeing, enhancing performance & productivity in a positive and collaborative style.

  • Workplace Awareness

    Webinars and workshops to address the stigma around menopause for leaders and managers to ensure they know how to support their team, so that everyone can continue to perform at their best, and all staff feel involved, valued and supported.

  • Flexible Availability

    We offer interactive digital/ video conferencing and inperson sessions, both of which employ our science-based, data-driven, value-proven methodology. Our menopause workshops and training programs are customized to your needs.

I'm Dr. Afsoon.

Pharm.D. CFMP

A certified functional medicine practitioner from Functional Medicine University and a doctor of pharmacy from Temple University, I specialize in women't holistic health during menopause. As an executive coach and change strategist for menopause in the workplace, I am on a mission to change the narrative around menopause with holistic and evidence-based education that creates self-efficacy and self-confidence in women to take control of their health, raise their performance and unlock their highest potential. I coach high performing women who are ready to step into their power, regain their strength and confidence, and thrive in optimum health for many amazing decades ahead of them. I am a mom of four, two of my own, a 28 & a 32 year old, plus their spouses :) a lover of nature, continuous learning, and creating programs that help women feel and look amazing in their new phase of life.


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Wellness Essentials for Women Leaders

Dr. B. Sarah Haynes CEO, CoachEra powered by Dr. Haynes Collective

Dr. Afsoon’s methodology helps enhance concentration, energy, engagement and focus for women in corporate settings to be intentional about their nutritional intake to perform and maximize their wellness to teach their fullest potential. Her training and support helps high performing women through life’s developmental stages, to achieve optimum health, energy, confidence and resilience.

Life-Saving Results

Angel Guerra-Chagolla MA, WCCA, SIP

After starting the lifestyle changes with Dr. Afsoon, my physical energy had dramatically increased, my mental focus, and overall health had improved, and I am feeling in control of my work and life plans. I now have the ability to function fully in my business, and be present and support my team. I am so grateful for this program that I would like to share my experience with others. Following is a link to a live LinkedIn interview with Dr. Afsoon about her transformational work.

My symptoms resolved 2-3 folds in 6-Weeks

Dr. Arayeh Norouzi, Ph.D. Performance Psychology

I had the pleasure of working one-on-one with Dr. Afsoon, and I feel blessed to cross paths with her in my life. Her wisdom is endless, and her heart is golden. I not only tremendously benefited from her knowledge, techniques, and expertise, but I felt amazingly supported by her detailed guidelines and frequent check-ins. She exceeded my expectations by providing me with what I needed at any point in time. Her wholistic methods and teachings helped me transform my eating, exercise, and behavioral habits in only six weeks to reach my ideal mental and health states. Her pearls of wisdom and her genuine heart are like no other. Thank you, Dr. Afsoon, for your willingness to make women’s lives brighter and more joyful around the globe!

Thank you Dr. Afsoon

Sara Rahimi Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Certified Life Coach, Author, Speaker Toronto ON Canada

After gaining a few pounds during the pandemic, I found it quite challenging to lose weight. I started my regular workout routine but my cravings and appetite remained unchanged. Not seeing any improvement in my size or weight was frustrating. I finally participated in Dr. Afsoon's level 1 & 2 wellness and weight loss challenge program. I learned about hormonal changes, proper fasting, and reducing carb cravings without depriving myself. I finally started feeling better in my skin and dropped a size! I loved the accountability system, daily check-ins, short cooking/baking videos and most importantly, Dr. Afsoon's positive energy and beautiful smile! I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to build healthy eating habits and feel more energized!

Amazed by the Results!

Nahid Momenian, Real State Agent

It has been over a year that I stopped stepping on the scale. Even at the doctors' office I rejected being weighted. I tried different diets lost a couple of pounds but put weight back right away. I was suffering from depression and had very little energy. I was ready to go to bed by 4 pm. I started the 6 weeks program with Dr. Afsoon, and she helped me step by step to nourish my body and feel amazing. I dropped one size by the sixth week and didn't have any desire of having anything sweet such as cake. My depression is not as bad as it used to be. I sleep better, and my hair and nails are growing stronger. I have more energy and can stay up late and alert, and I don't feel tired at all. She is very spiritual and this helps to be positive during the course. I highly recommend giving your body a chance to rejuvenate and start all over again. This is the best gift you can get for yourself.

Thank you for this transformation!

Saeideh Safari, Stanford Healthcare

Dr. Afsoon helped me discover the areas of my life that needed change and modification to put me on the path to health. The 6-Week program was customized to my specific needs the way that it fit my busy schedule perfectly.  The healthy food menu, my new schedule for intermittent fasting plan made tremendous improvement in my health.  My long term health issues like feeling bloated, sugar cravings, irritability, puffiness in the face, chronic fatigue and itchiness are resolved. I feel energized, happier and more engaging and patient with my family, as a wife and as a mother, and I love that. I feel great and I would recommend Dr. Afsoon's program to anyone who wishes to make a major shift towards health. 

Life Changing Program!

Mojgan Simpson, Jewelry Designer, Entrepreneur

A very dear friend told me about Dr. Afsoon’s program. At first, I was very Skeptical since I tried many different diet and failed at every one of them. But I was at the point in my life that I really needed to change my eating habits. So I decided to give it a try. I have to admit the last six weeks has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. Not only she thought me how to eat better and give up some of my bad habits but also, I am sleeping much better and lost more than 10 ponds and keep going. she also thought me how to love myself and enjoy life to the fullest. Thank you Dr. Afsoon for all the hard work. Thank you for always being available to answer my questions and most of all thank you for your contiguous smile ♥️

My Type 2 Diabetes is under control!

Rameish Sivalingam, Creative Director at NK Group

I feel so much energy, lightness, and happiness knowing I am finally on a program that works (as evidenced by the incredible “after” blood test results I received. In 12 weeks, A1C reduced by .7%, total cholesterol reduced by 35 points, triglycerides reduced by over 200 points, fasting blood sugar reduced by 65 points! Fantastic! Your support, diet and lifestyle plans helped me lose weight, healed my IBS issues and changed my entire mind set. Thank you Dr. Afsoon. This program exceeded all expectations. I found it very easy to follow after the first week once the cravings were out of my system. I have realized that food is medicine and eating right makes aches/pains, allergies, fatigue, etc. just seem to disappear. Dropping 25 pounds and 6 inches off the waist in 12 weeks is incredible. The best part is that it was so easy to follow. I do believe this lifestyle and eating habits are going to be a lifelong commitment for me!

I am losing the unwanted weight effortlessly! Thank you Dr. Afsoon.

Atefeh Shahri, Senior Accountant

I am so happy I that I made the commitment to getting myself healthier and so much happier. I struggled with extra weight and obesity for many years and I tried almost every diet out there with no lasting results. I am a mother of two and a busy professional, and the 12-week program truly was a game changer, now I have the tools that I need, that are designed for me and my lifestyle. I would highly recommend Dr. Afsoon and her programs to anyone who wants to lose weight naturally, and overcome chronic diseases or just want to become a healthier person.  Thank you Dr. Afsoon!

Thank you for giving me hope and helping me get my health back on track.

Parvin D. Entrepreneur, Self employed

I turn to Dr Afsoon at the time when I was at the peak of my hopelessness, I was going through menopause, plus I was dealing with high blood pressure and a lot of extra weight. It has been a few months since I am working with Dr Afsoon. All I can say is: Dr Afsoon helped me take back my health, she made me understand how to go through menopause gracefully without disliking my body. Following her program, not only I am feeling healthy and much more energized, but also I am loving my body all over again. As of today, my symptoms of menopause are almost gone, I have lost 12 pounds and my blood pressure is under control. Dr Afsoon; Thank you for your efforts and for being so patient with me. Parvin D. Paris- France

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