This program is designed for women leaders and entrepreneurs who are suffering from:
Lack of energy and focus, insomnia,
Mood swings, depression & weight gain, 
Feeling like your body is your worst enemy, 
Concerned about health conditions that pop up,
Slogging through the day, desperate for the next sugar or caffeine boost, 
Thinking about hot flashes that come with no warning and wondering, “Is this what 50 is supposed to feel like?” 
It's time to defy what’s considered a “normal part of aging” and learn what menopause is all about, and how to transform your health into the most Vibrant, Resilient & Purposeful Part of Your Life.
 It’s time to change some old habits that won’t serve you any longer and get ready to flourish in the new phase of your life.
As a leader, you are hit by menopause at the time that you need your most productivity, I get it - I've been there.
But the key to make it through is a simple formula that you can adapt one step at a time in your busy daily life.
Because you are valuable, you are brilliant and you’ve gone through so many harder challenges in your life.
“I used to think that diet and exercise were all you needed to maintain your health – However, I learned that holistic wellness is the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyle that lead to a state of vibrant health in the second half of our lives." 
I will address all your questions about this tremendous change in your life, and how I can help you become your most resilience, vibrant and energized self.
I’ll share with you my proven approach…
An approach that has helped my clients TRANSFORM THEIR LIVES, boost their brain focus and body fitness, lose weight, feel great in their skin, and continue to have MAJOR IMPACT in their businesses during and post menopause.
Your body is changing towards much wisdom, peace and creativity…. You can rise above and accomplish even more than you ever had.
I would like to invite you to work with me, so I can help you rise up to the challenges of menopause and light up from within all over again, and be a guiding light and inspiration - Rising Tide Raises all Boats.
Don’t waste a moment, make a decision to change the suffering into peace of mind and amazing results through Embracing the second half of your life.
At Reivas Wellness,  we are on a mission to help women entrepreneurs like YOU transform their health and well-being and enjoy the fruits of their labor after many years of accomplishments and growing their businesses.
Key components of this program are:

Vitality. Inner Peace. Purpose

Vitality: Being full of energy, vigor and life, naturally. To feel the calm and peace with self, waking up every morning eager to start our day to make a difference in this world the way that we are meant to.
Inner Peace: A state to be achieved and to be improved upon, a lifelong journey that requires a lifetime commitment. Achieving happiness and contentment not through things and achievements, but through reconnection with self.
Purpose: Using our strengths to serve others. Finding purpose brings about the amazing motivation that drives us toward a beautifully satisfying future. It helps living a meaningful life that serves the next generations as well.
A Personal Invitation From The Creator of Menopause As Leadership Program, 
REIVAS Wellness Founder Dr. Afsoon Ghazvinian.

I started learning about functional medicine that focuses on the "root causes" of illnesses. 

As a senior pharmacist, I soon realized that my mission was to help my patients with chronic diseases to really heal. Since chronic disease are the result of unhealthy lifestyle, the only cure is to empower the patients to change their life habits and to restore health, not just mask their symptoms with medications while they continue to live the way they did.
I researched and learned about holistic medicine on my off days, I listened endlessly to all the summits released by functional and holistic medicine thought-leaders.
I practiced myself every bit of information that I learned, and when I saw results, I shared them with my friends and patients that came and waited patiently to chat with me at my busy pharmacy. And I was in great physical shape myself since I practiced all that I preached.
I knew it, when they came and they lined up, and waited to catch my attention in between the times that I was seeing patients and dispensing medicines, that I am here to serve them through natural ways of healing.

Until I crossed menopause, I thought I knew all there is to know about health and disease prevention. 

When I hit menopause at the age of 47, I was left completely paralyzed. I went though a very challenging time, and things that used to work before didn't seem to help anymore. I was feeling depressed and tired all the time, I was bloated, gaining weight that piled up overtime, along with brain fog, anxiety, hot flashes and many sleepless nights.
I realized that as women, even as healthcare professionals, we don’t really know much about this natural yet very challenging transition to menopause. And that, put me on the path of healing myself and helping other women do the same. With guidelines that are designed for us at this phase of our lives, and daily practices that can literally save us from a few decades of pain and misery into an energized, powerful and purposeful life.
Here is my story and the journey that got me here.
As a women of diverse background, born and raised in Iran, migrated to North America and raised my 2 young children in early 20s in Canada and the U.S. over 2 decades, living in Singapore for another decade before moving back to California, there had been quite a lot of changes and challenges in my life to say the least.


It took years to go from a nurse-aid working night shifts to support my family, to a stay at home mom, to going back to school and getting a doctorate degree while my children were in teenage years.  So later, going from an employee to gradually building my own consulting business didn’t seem much of a challenge! I knew it took work and commitment and I was ready to make it possible. The rewarding part, was to start discovering my strengths and nurturing my intuition as I never did in my life, to best serve my clients.
I am  honored to work with amazing women who continue to thrive during menopause by adopting simple and effective daily actions towards adding pleasure, joy and self-love to their lives. 
I continue to be surprised at the power of a simple program that step by step strengthen us to flourish and thrive with a lifestyle that is designed for our needs in the second half of our lives. And I’ve committed to teaching other women entrepreneurs how to do it too.


Due to the high-touch nature of the program, spots fill up quickly. We ONLY work with clients we know we can help.
You are a GREAT fit for Vitality + Inner peace + Purpose Program if:
  • You’re a leader or entrepreneur who is committed to make the necessary changes to take control of your health and your life.
  •  You are experiencing the signs of chronic disease like high blood sugar, high blood pressure, arthritis, depression, anxiety, hot flashes, insomnia, and mood swings.
  •  You want to lose the extra weight and you want to do it naturally and with no hunger or cravings.
  • You wish to boost your sexual energy, prevent and cure female bladder leakage, and heal stressful emotions.
  • You want to keep on creating YOUR brilliant accomplishments and you want to defy aging as it is your choice to do so.
You are NOT a GREAT fit for Vitality + Inner Peace + Purpose Program if:
  • You love the idea of living a healthy and vibrant life, but no time to start the process.
  • You are not prepared to release old ways and ideas.
  • You aren’t ready to invest time and money in your health and don’t see the importance of this time of life as a life-saving priority to take on.
  • You aren’t prepared to invest a few minutes per day to work on finding your peace and purpose.
  • You don’t see the importance of creating a culture of wellness for yourself, your organization and your team.


What if you KNEW that you are 100% worthy of all the health and vitality that you desire?
What if you KNEW you couldn’t fail?
Here are some of the women who asked themselves this question…and made the COMMITMENT. 
They invested in our coaching programs (We’ll give you details in a minute) and made it happen.
Ready to meet them?

Nahid's Life had been transformed after taking Menopause As Leadership program!

The program was transformational for Nahid's health and her business:


“This program has literally changed my life and the way I approached my business. It has been over a year that I stopped stepping on the scale. Even at the doctors' office I rejected being weighted. I was suffering from depression and had very little energy. I was ready to go to bed by 6 pm right after work with no energy left to end the day, despite the challenges of running a business and caring for my 2 boys.  I started the  program with Dr. Afsoon, and she helped me change all of that and to make it a new lifestyle that I enjoyed following. I dropped one and half size by the sixth week and didn't have any desire of having sweets or any cravings long after the program was over. My depression is far better, I sleep better, and my hair and nails are growing stronger. I have more energy and focus at work and much more left at the end of the day to tend to my family, work and my own self-care routine.  I highly recommend this transformational program to busy, high achieving women. This is the best gift you can give yourself. ”

Would it Work for ME?


Menopause As Leadership program had been developed after many years of research and hands on experience and had been proven by hundreds of women who had put in practice. This 12-Week program is a powerful, step by step planner that is scientifically backed and had worked beautifully with amazing results.
Why not you? This program will allow you to stop dieting and take a radical shift to FINALLY overcome fatigue, hormonal imbalances, anxiety and brain fog so you can feel rejuvenated and full of life again.
Not only she got her health and vitality back, but she found hope in loving her beautiful self all over again. Parvin got her business back on track after a few months of leave due to her health issues.
I turn to Dr Afsoon at the time when I was at the peak of my hopelessness, I was going through menopause, plus I was dealing with high blood pressure, fatigue and lack of energy, and a lot of extra weight.
It has been a few months since I am working with Dr Afsoon.
All I can say is:
Dr Afsoon helped me take back my health, she made me understand how to go through menopause gracefully. Following her program, not only I am feeling healthy and much more energized, but also I am feeling motivated, focused and in flow with work, life and the changes I am experiencing during menopause.
Dr Afsoon, Thank you for your efforts and for being so patient with me and helping me repair the root cause of my physical and emotional blocks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This is HOW we achieve our foundational goals in this program:


Vitality: To be full of energy, vigor and life, and fo feel the calm and peace form the inside out; We will achieve this by nourishing your body and mind with most nutrient-rich foods, proper exercises designed for your needs and lifestyle, sufficient recovery and sleep to help you regenerate and rebuild, and emotional healing to make it all possible. 
Resilience: To respond to challenging circumstance, illnesses and difficulties with integrity and to bounce back with realistic optimism and conviction; We will master a carefully crafted ketogenic lifestyle for menopause, utilizing fasting, cycling in and out of keto to reach your optimal immune system, disease prevention, weight loss and strength. 
Purpose: Using your strengths to serve others; Our exclusive morning routine, including pranayama breathing practices, gratitude, and manifestation has been the guiding light for many women leaders. We will dedicate time for Emotional Healing Technique to uncover the blockages and help you flow into your purpose as an integral part of this program.
A transformational coaching program to help you supercharge your metabolism, boost your energy, mental focus and mood & help you lead with joy and purpose
  • Instant access to pre recorded online courses and resources
  • Live weekly group sessions with Dr. Afsoon for Q&A and to track your progress and ensure your success
  • Ongoing support to overcome barriers to healthy habits, emotional wellbeing and weight loss
  • Weekly and monthly challenges to keep you motivated and on track
  • Amazing community of like-minded and courageous women to share knowledge and enhance your experience in achieving your goals